About CHI

Our Purpose

CHI exists to evolve the scientific understanding and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices, so that individuals and societies are empowered with the knowledge and tools to ignite their healing potential and thus lead more healthy, fulfilling lives.

Our Values


CHI is first and foremost about serving our communities –by providing resources to the general public, as well as scientists, educators and healthcare practitioners who are passionate about serving others through the understanding and practice of healing. We are dedicated toward serving all communities who may benefit from the science and practice of healing.

Multiple Perspectives

CHI welcomes the diversity and relativity of approaches to the study of consciousness and healing. We understand that no absolute scientific theory or practice can lead us to a complete knowledge of consciousness and healing; rather, it is through integrating the wisdom that exists in diverse communities, that we will come to a deeper understanding of consciousness and its applications.


CHI facilitates thriving collaborative relationships with communities and institutions, all who are integral to our efforts. CHI utilizes the best of its networks to facilitate transdisciplinary science, practice, and innovation in consciousness and healing. CHI’s collaborative accelerator model ensures that all stakeholders garner success and satisfaction, through their alignment with a common mission.

Creative Rigor

CHI recognizes that scientific inquiry into the nature of consciousness and its role in healing requires a highly rigorous, interdisciplinary approach. Our collaborative is comprised of highly respected, rigorous scientists and educators who are well-placed across universities and institutions in the US and abroad, as well as seasoned practitioners and innovators who welcome unbiased, rigorous inquiry and research on their methods. As part of this, CHI welcomes and supports creative, frontier thinking. We understand that creativity, combined with rigor, seeds high innovation and scientific breakthroughs.


CHI’s work is conducted for the best and highest good for all who may be touched by the work. Integrity is a fundamental shared value in our organization, and is reflected both in the work that we do and in our relationships with others.

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