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About CHI

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative (CHI) is an international collaborative accelerator of scientists, health practitioners, innovators, educators and artists, who forward the transdisciplinary science and real-world application of consciousness and healing practices. CHI fosters a social movement to place health and healing at the center of our personal and global consciousness, in order to build healthier societies and sustainable stewardship of our planet. Continue Reading  


Gaetan Chevalier, PhD - Biofield Science and Healing Conference

September 12 – 14, 2014 at Pacific Pearl La Jolla, California - Dr. Chevalier is Research Director, Psy-Tek Laboratories - Biofield Science and Healing Conference sponsored by Samueli Institute, Institute of Noetic Science, Chopra Foundation and Miraglo Foundation. Video presentations were funded by Miraglo Foundation.

It Didn’t Start With You: How Inherited Family Trauma Shapes Who We Are

The past is never dead. It’s not even past. — William Faulkner, Requiem for a Nun

How Meaning Becomes Physiology: The 'Hard Problem' for Placebo Research

Recent evidence of a genetic basis for the placebo response emphasizes the paradox of an inert substance producing physiological change.

On Technology and Its Promise for Healing

CHI Founding Advisor, Lauren Evanow, talks about the importance of technology for healing and its implications.

What is Consciousness?

Defining consciousness is a challenge. While some people describe it as awareness, others equate it with spirit. Even scientists disagree, with many believing consciousness results from brain activity while others describe it in an opposite sense, as a fabric of the universe that pervades all sentient (and perhaps non-sentient) beings. At the forefront of science is the view that the understanding of consciousness may require an evolution of physics. Which definitions and which perspectives are right?

At the Consciousness and Healing Initiative, we embrace a multiplicity of perspectives on consciousness. We believe that each view is valuable and leads us to different lines of questions (and answers). For example, evidence increasingly indicates that our internal state, which includes our level of conscious awareness, can lead to substantial changes in biology that influence our health. We need to consider that these internal states are as real and as powerful as the molecules that they affect.

Our perspective is that consciousness, regardless of how one defines it, is essential to guiding our wellbeing, and that the scientific exploration of consciousness will lead us to breakthroughs that will impact not only healing and healthcare, but how we understand and appreciate the interconnections between us and our planet.

What Is Healing?

Healing has many meanings for different people. For some, healing means no longer having a physical illness, or coming to a deeper wisdom that helps one manage illnesses or other difficulties in life. For others, the journey of healing simply reflects the joyful process of becoming more whole – in body, mind and spirit.

The remarkable ability of living organisms to heal reflects a basic principle of life, called salutogenesis, the naturally occurring tendency to move towards health.

Healing can be understood as a movement towards dynamic balance, which brings us closer to our true essence. The intention to heal is a process of creating space for the natural wisdom of consciousness to guide us toward wholeness.

The Consciousness and Healing Initiative believes that instead of simply studying disease processes and focusing on symptom reduction, we need to understand the heart of healing from multiple perspectives. By furthering our deep understanding of healing, from both a scientific and experiential level, we can empower ourselves and others to live healthier, more fulfilling lives.